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About the University :

Southeast University (SEU) is located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China, which is 300 kms. away from Shanghai. This university is one of only 32 universities directly administered by the central government and Chinese Department of Education (MOE), which are considered the top class universities in China. It is also one of the universities of Project 211 and Program 985 that is financed by the Central Government to build as a world-class university.

Southeast University was founded in 1902 as `Sanjiang Normal College’ and changed as `National Southeast University’ by 1921 and to `Southeast University’ by 1988. By the year 2000 Nanjing Railway Medical College and Nanjing College of Communication were merged to Southeast University.

Southeast University has three campuses such as Jiulonghu, Sipailou, and Dingjiaqiao, covering a total area of 1000 acres. The main buildings are at Jiulonghu campus and the administration office is at Sipailou where the Dingjiaqiao campus has the medical school of Southeast university.

Southeast University is recognized by WHO and the graduates of MBBS program are eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medical council in different countries such as MCI, PMDC, USMLE, PLAB, HPCSA, SCHS, etc.

 Southeast University, always sticking to the theory of “education-first” on school management, has been increasing input in teaching and intensifying the reform in education in its effort for the quality-oriented education and students’ development in terms of their spirit of innovation and ability of practice. The university has a high-level faculty of 2,659 full-time teachers, including 1800 full or associate professors, 786 doctoral supervisors, 1786 supervisors for masters, 27 distinguished experts of the national “Thousand Talents Program”,  40 “Cheung Kong Scholar” Professors, 5 winners of the national awards for top teachers.

Southeast University is one of the top 100 universities in scientific research and development in China. It has over 20 national or provincial research institutes, with a number of key research bases. Over the last decade, it has completed more than 1000 research projects, of which over 500 have been awarded the national, provincial or municipal science and technology prizes. Its research fund exceeded 1.1 billion yuan in 2010, which placed 11th nationwide. The SEU-affiliated Zhongda Hospital was set up in 1935 and rated as "Class A Grade 3" by the Ministry of Public Health.

Accommodation and campus life;

There are 3 main campuses of Southeast University namely Jiulonghu campus, Sipailou Campus and Dingjiaqiao campus.  Sipailou (Xuanwu District) and Dingjiaqiao campus (Gulou district) are in Nanjing city and Jiulonghu campus in suburbs of Nanjing (Jiangning District).

Fresh medical student are accommodated in Jiulonghu campus and from second year onwards in Dingjiaqiao campus where the medical school is located. Dorms are given to students who arrive earlier. Renting outside campus is allowed and the student should register with the International students department.

The rooms are provided with private toilet, 24 hours hot water, shower, kitchen, air conditioner, internet and bedding.